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Thread: Enjoyable, Frustrating, Result, Odd, Miserable!

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    Enjoyable, Frustrating, Result, Odd, Miserable!

    Had rather an odd day yesterday, with the Mrs abroad for a few days i have the whole weekend to dedicate to shooting.

    It started with me deciding to knoch up a few homeloads for my 6.5 x 55 using the Lee classic loader. After taking the time to make sure i covered all the bases and followed the correct process etc i was well under way, working up 5 loads of 5 rounds from the minimum to the max at equal was quite enjoyable, relaxing and quite easy and quick to use. All very enjoyable....untill..........i realised i was misreading the balance scale (i don't know how - best just to put it down to a "Doh" moment). So 17 rounds that don't even meet the minimum loads. All very frustrating! i have now ordered a bullet puller and will start the process again maybe next weekend.

    I then decided i would be better off just getting out in the field to do some actual shooting, the weather was ok, a bit overcast but ideal for a bit of daytime foxing (i have to do all my foxing during the day on this patch as the farmer has requested so - no issues though i have no problems and have quite good returns). I have recently seen a few foxes on the neighbouring patch (up to five in the same field at any one time in the day) so headed down the far end of the farm to seee if i could call a few in. As i was stalking up the boundry edge i saw a fox in the middle of the field on my perission. I tucked myself into the hedge got the .223 onto the sticks and started calling with the widgeon caller, sure enough in it came and shot it square in the chest. Result. i was using 50 grain privvi softpoints and can confirm they definatly do the job on Fox. A young vixen was in the bag.

    As i have seen quite a few foxes over the far boundry i worked my way a little closer (but leaving a suitably sized shooting area within my permission) and tucked into the hedge and started squeeking on the back of my hand, bizzarly a hare came bounding over from about 150m away right up to about 25m away, running streight for me stopping everytime i stopped squeeking. Has anyone else experianced a hare coming into a call whilst squeeking, its nothing i have ever seen before or even anticipated. Odd.

    About half an hour after that the heavens opened and it started peeing it down which was to say bloody miserable so i knocked it on the head.

    All in all a good day except for the fact that i got drenched on the way back to the car. A few key lessons learned with the reloading also, i was concentrating so hard on getting everything right i got something so basic and yet so important wrong with weighing the power. Good thing though i realised and so have put those rounds aside untill the bullet puller arives, i will not make that mistake again. i really enjoyed knocking the rounds up, using the lee classic loader, its so easy to use and doesn't take that long once your into the swing of things. With the amount of hunting ammunition i use its the ideal tool for the job in my view, they are only 30 and with a few other add ons you can knock up some decent ammunition (although i am yet to shoot it obviously).

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    I fancy go at reloading and wil probably start off the same as you, badly!! As for the hares they often come in to the squeak, we've got loads round here mind, I think they come in thinking it's a leveret in distress.

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