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Thread: Between the storms

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    Between the storms

    Hi All
    I had a busy week at work and could't wait for Saturday afternoon to get out for a stalk.
    The weather was looking dodgy with lots of thunder storms but had to get out for a walk for mine and Max my GSP's sanity.

    I headed for a couple of farms I have up the Cotswolds away from my main ground which I am saving for my German friend Michael who's over next week.

    I arrived at the farm and drove down the long track through the farm to drop of some venison at the farm. I met the farmer and handed over the venison. The sun was shining but the other side of the hill the sky was black and threatening.

    I then headed back up the drive and parked up on the down wind side of a little valley which leads to a wood. I got my kit together loaded my .243 Blaser with a new load useing a 95 grain ballistic tip.

    I then let Max out of the truck and gave him a pat he got in his position at heel and we headed to the top of the valley.

    Immediately Max's nose was working overtime I paused at the top of the bank and scanned "nothing" I didn't move and trusted the dog after a couple of minutes a buck appeared out of a gulley in the bottom of the valley "good dog"
    I had a crawl through some nettles before deciding I wasn't going to get a shot off the bipod so I sat up and shortened the sticks the buck was cooperating and walked up the bank and stood broadside at about 140 yards, I squeezed the trigger and we wobbled for a few seconds before falling over his last meal still in his mouth.

    I dragged the buck up the steep valley side took and got the camera out Max sat straight by the buck he's so used to the procedure and aint going to miss out of a photo oppertunity

    I gralloched the buck and fetched the truck as near as I could and loaded him up just in time for the first huge spots of rain starting to fall "perfect timing"
    Headed home up the motorway in a huge thunderstorm thankfull that I wasn't the far side of my ground well away from the truck

    Happy hunting


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    Really good composition on the pic!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Good picture & lovely countryside.


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    As said ,nice contrasts in the pic with the dog playing it very cool .Beautiful coat on that young buck too .

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    How many time have we driven past that " perfect " valley expecting to see deer and only found sheep .
    I assume no sheep this time !
    Anyway, well done mate.

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    What a fantastic buck and max looks a happy little boy

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    pair of nice looking beasts!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Cracking buck Wayne well done mate,is that the same valley where I had that buck from ?

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    Hi Wayne,
    Lovely pic mate, looks like you've got the hang of the new camera.
    Max looks like he should be smoking a Henry Wintermans whilst basking in the afterglow.


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