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    Newbie question

    Going to buy my first bullet heads etc tomorrow,can any off you guys give me a load for 62gr Barnes varmint grenades using N160 powder for 243 have narrowed it down to either these or sierra soft points 80gr for the charlies but cant find any data using this particular powder but can for the sierra 80gr and the seirra 100gr that ill also be getting.Was wanting to try the lighter head just to see if I could get a slightly flatter round although the data on the 80gr looks pretty good also.
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    in short it depends on your rifle mate all rifles respond differently to different powder charges in respect of both grouping and pressure and so you generally have to work up a load yourself working from the minimum and approaching maximum in incremental steps noting group size and pressure signs having said that another method that is said to work well for it's proponents is the audette ladder method you can google it which basically involves loading up one round of each powder increment and looking for nodes being the charge weights were the rounds tend to cluster at 2-300 yards as to where to look to start have a look at the free vitahavouri powder manual available for download on their web site it should have charge weights for that or similar bullets one can generally substitute bullets of the same weight and similar design note that means your varmint grenade bullet may not share load data with a lead cored bullet of the same weight but generally speaking with ordinary lead cored bullets as long as you start low and work up you'll usually be alright best of luck with it and let us know how you get on.

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    Cheers G I have been doing a bit more research plus more asking about and I may just go for the 80gr or maybe even the 87gr hornady's the guy has .Throws up to many options this reloading but looking forward to it.

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    You could use the 80 grain data for the 62 grain, but usually, if a powder isn't listed for a given bullet weight it is because it was deemed inefficient ( "ballistically inappropriate") for that given bullet weight and you should consider switching powder or bullet requirements.~Muir

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    Cheers Muir wasnt wanting to start with more than 1 powder so was trying to find loads for the same powder for the heads that the guy had available,so I didnt overload

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