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Thread: Scope for driven shooting....

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    Scope for driven shooting....

    Evening all

    I am thinking about buying a set up for driven boar shooting but I do have my doubts about which glass to buy. I know everyone will suggest a z6i 1-6x24 or something along those lines......this is all well and good but it wont do as the rifle will also be used occasionally for more conventional stalking outings which means that 6 magnification isnt as much as I would like and 24 end objective is certainly not enough for any dawn or dusk shooting. I have looked around and a 2.5-10x50 or 56 seems a common enough scope and seems to fit the bill as far as the stalking needs 2.5 mag to much for driven shooting??? especially if you say had a target at 20 yards????!!!

    Any thoughts, suggestions or experiences welcome!

    Thanks, Phil.

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    Totally depends on exactly how much driven shooting you want to do? I have a 1.5-6x42 S&B flashdot and its brilliant on driven boar hunts. Friends use much cheaper 'aimpoint' type sights and have very good success. If your after a new scope, maybe get something suitable for stalking and get a dedicated aimpoint for the driven shooting ? Others I've been driven hunting with have used a higher mag scope and have still had success. I've got the same scope as the 1.5-6x42 but in the 3-12x50 format, so I can swap them over when its suits to do so.


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    I shot a running piggie at 15yds with a 2-12 Z6i no problem. Shooting beyond 200yds is easy with the fine ret'. The variable intensity dot is invaluable in aiding both fast shooting and seeing the ret' against a dark target day or night.

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