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Thread: Roe Deer tree damage.

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    Roe Deer tree damage.

    I have just got some new permission along with Roedeerred and TonyC (Thanks to Roedeerred) and we have found some strong young buck activity, he has trashed several trees and damaged loads more, the problem is that said buck is visiting at night..
    Tony set his IR camera up and we saw him at 12:15am.. Safe as houses, but the land owner is very dis chuffed about him. Anyway, I'm sure that in the fullness of time he will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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    thats no yearling making those marks ???? that's for sure.
    what was the one in the picture like.
    bet he was a big boy.

    good hunting


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    Normally Roe deer feed in cycles and if it is a buck trying to acert his dominace then get set up and wait down wind of one of his tree s .He will be back regular as clock work.

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    Went up myself on saturday and saw a buck lets say definatly no yearling just over the boundry right on the crack of dawn 4.35 I recon the damage is about where the two meet the one on the night cam is living in the other side of the ground,had a similer problem a couple of years ago on the same ground and took me about four visits to get him its 140mile round trip so I will give tony c and DM a week or two to sort it.but theres only one way PUT THE TIME IN.
    Its a management issue not just a pleasure outing.A real challange for them Good luck fellas.deisel is expensive save me a trip or two

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