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Thread: First Stalking trip this weekend!

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    First Stalking trip this weekend!

    I went out for my first ever stalk this weekend , with Sikamalc. Traveled over to W. Sussex on Friday evening and upon arrival I was welcomed with a fantastic meal ( great start ) Popped out that evening for a look around but light was fading fast so didn't have long. There was not much to be seen due to the darkness however as we were leaving we saw a large group of fallow moving across one of the fields almost ghost like , we had been there a few minutes earlier and seen nothing , just shows how quick these deer can move!
    After a good nights kip and a Fantastic Brekky we were back out early doors in search of a buck. spotted one in the first field we came to but he was possibly a 6pt and not to be shot, we carried on and after a short while malc gave me a tap and pointed out the buck he had spotted about 50 yards ahead. The buck swiftly moved through the hedgerow into an open field. There was no safe shot available due to the distance/ backstop so we continued to stalk him following him across the field to the opposite hedgerow. At this point Malc said " let's go round and cut the other side , but the last thing we want him to do is get the that hedge and lay down!" ....... We got to the other side of the hedge and there was no buck to be seen guess he laid down.

    So a good morning stalk over but unfortunately no buck.

    Back out again that evening for another stalk, came across three doe's early on , one of which was about 25 yards away at one point! Also a possible buck but as we made our way over to it there were a couple of dogs off leads who disturbed it so that was that. Later on in the evening Todd got the scent of something and lead Malc toward an area in the woodland, so we stopped and looked in the direction that Todd had indicated. We came across another group of Fallow including an albino which were a distance of about 50 yards, If only it had been a week earlier

    So no Buck for me on my first outing , however i had an Excellent time, saw loads of deer and learnt a MASSIVE amount from Malc!

    A BIG thank you to Malc and Sandra and Todd and Kizzy, I'm now hooked and cant wait to get out again!



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    Sounds like a brilliant trip! I think that grassing a beast is almost secondary to learning on one's first few outings.


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    Nice one Dom , told you Malc would look after you . Thats you well and truely hooked now pal , your a good listener and a fast learner , look forward to the next write up ..
    All the best Brough.

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    Well done Dom,

    Good write up. Hope you have many more to come. Looking forward to meeting you on your DSCL1 next week.


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