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Thread: Went and done it

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    Went and done it

    Well after a long drawn out wait i finally got my new puppy and while it should be a happy day.I also feel a bit up set for old Buck my HWV as he has now met his future replacement.
    He was not impressd at all and she certainly did not like him so gently from now on.



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    Bonnie wee thing!!!! She's perfected the, 'hang-dog, look how cute I am, my paw is sore...,' expression already!!!

    I know you have had a lot of dogs in the past and I have gone through it as well, but new introductions don't always go as well as hoped do they?!

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    She looks stunning - - good luck with her - - I'm jealous !



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    davie cracking looking dog all the best
    regards pete

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    Thanks lads i will certainly try and get her working to a high standard and for now she will just need to make do with a few old heads off the wall.

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    No wonder old Bucks not impressed he's out in the pissing rain and the new pups getting cuddled up on, i'm assuming Mrs 6pointers lap

    Lovely looking pup all the best with her.


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    It is 12 weeks today mate

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    Nice looking pup. Can't wait untill you mate her with a good Lab and get some decent pups

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    Jagare i was hopeing old buck would do the buisness mate and give them a bit of coat lol.

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