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    Question Lens Cleaning

    I was wondering what everyone uses to clean their scopes and binoculars.

    The cloths that come with most binoculars seem alright provided they don't pick up dirt that could scratch the lens.

    Then there are lens pens, puffers/blowers and various sorts of disposable wipes and fluids, so what do you all use?

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    A puff with a puffer, a flush with water (or a brush with a brush, if none available) and a gentle wipe with a clean lens-cloth. If particularly gunky, a drop of a reputable cleaning-fluid at the cloth stage.

    The most important thing, I think, is to keep them as free from crud as possible by using covers and keeping your dabs away, so that you hardly ever have to clean them - that's my approach, anyway.

    There are those, apparently, who don't clean their rifle-bores until accuracy starts to go. My rifles are always spotless, but I only clean the optics when light transmission starts to go.
    Why the different approach? Well, I imagine that corrosion can occur under copper in rifle-bores, and the act of cleaning a bore with modern copper-removers does the rifle no harm.
    I do not, however, believe that any injury happens beneath crap on lenses; whereas over-zealous, over frequent cleaning, particularly when fine, sandy bits have not been carefully removed, is bad news.

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    I am not keen on wiping too often when they really need a good clean I use coated lens cleaner I got from optiction and lens cloth cleaner cost me 2.50 and has lasted ages.lens cloth I was given a load from a closed shop being refitted, but if I had to buy it connot cost enough to worry as my optics scopes and binos are too important to spoil.

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    Cloth will pick up grit and scratch the glass.Lens pens are ideal, Jessups ones are good but a bit pricey, try this...

    Lenspen LP-1 Original: Electronics


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    I use these, they are individually packed and so you can put a few in a pocket when going out. They are about 50p each but when you consider the investment you have in glass I think they are worth it:

    People like Amazon also do wipes designed for cleaning glasses etc. which I imagine are pretty much the same thing, though I've never tried them.

    For those looking to go the DIY route then these are just lens grade tissue soaked in IPA so you could easily make one up with some normal tissue paper or some low lint wipes if you can get some and a ziplock type bag in a small size. Soak a bit of IPA into the tissue, seal in the ziplock bag and job done.

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    Am a bit of an expert in this field as I spend all day using optics. You can but lens cleaning kits from camera shops, however i give mine a quick spray of alcohol, then circulare wipe with lens tissue starting at centre and out to edge. Final buff by breathing on lense and polish with lens tissue.

    You can use a soft cotton wool bud if no lens tissue available.

    Our service engineers use a chammy.


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    Thanks for all the input.

    I was very surprised given how much we all spend on optics in one form or another this isn't something that has been discussed more often.

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    I use a lens pen, always have a couple, one to put in kit bag. I've always got on quite well with them; I can't abide a speck of dirt/dust on an optic and find a lens pen when used per the instructions, very effective. IMHO.

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    Have always used a fine natural hair brush first and top quality lens cloth. Occasional clean with lens cleaner and now keep lens pen in pocket for field use. Clear optics=clear picture.
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    Cotton wool balls,lightly dampen one gently wipe but rotate so you dont use the same side twice then use one dry to remove water,big bag cheap and goes a long way,i keep a few in food bag tied up in my pocket for use in the field.

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