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Thread: Redfield scopes

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    Redfield scopes

    In the market 4 a new scope for my 2.2 was told about redfield scopes,never heard of them before .any advice please.good or bad

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    they are made by leupold in America so it depends on what you think of leupold, but in my opinion they are very good for not to much money.
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    Ive heard good things,

    Although they are priced at roughly 2/3's of leup's prices for the same like for like scope sizes...

    I was thinking about one for my .22 too, so Andy if you buy one doesn't matter the spec, do a write up?!!


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    I had a Redfield scope on my first .243 over 20 years ago and for the money I had nothing but praise for it.

    During my spell in canada I had another Redfield scope on a 6mm and that was faultless too.

    Im have no experience of the current models but for the money I found them to hold zero even on an unmoderatored .270 and while the claity will never be as good as european glass it is good enough for the job and is plenty good enough for a .22

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    A Redfield 3-9 x ?? was the first scope I ever bought, Ive had it on a 243, a 22 and now its on a pals 222 which I had out at the dens today, cracking little scope for little money, itl be 15 yr old now and NEVER had a bit of bother with it.

    What I would say is the field of vision is maybe a bit tighter than the more expensive scopes but if you arent use to them then it wont be an issue.
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