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Thread: Novice from East Yorkshire

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    Novice from East Yorkshire

    Hi All

    I am looking at getting into stalking after a bit of experience 8 years ago.

    I have shot game for 15 years and had a bit of Fallow stalking experience using an estate rifle in the SW of Scotland. I now live in East Yorkshire and have a bit more time on my hands so am looking at getting into it properly now.

    My plan is to apply for my FAC and to buy days stalking in both Scotland and locally. My only concern is that there appears to be a lack of rifle ranges locally where I could practice on a regular basis. Can anyone recommend any?


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    hi there ,you have picked a good site to meet people and to help you get on in stalking .not sure about ranges but as far as paid days to get you going try john off here,aka yorkshire deer stalking you wont go wrong with him and you will learn as much as you want if applying for your fac you only need a couple of outings with a further couple booked to get everything going ,atb wayne

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    Cheers for that! I have had a look at his website and it looks like a good outfit. I was planning on dropping him an e-mail to get a bit more info.


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    just pm him hes on here look in deer stalking opertunitys under roe bucks in the east to get abit more info and pics ,atb wayne

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    Send me a pm let me know what part of east Yorkshire I am out most evenings for an hour or two my be able to take you and give you some pointers and I have estate rifle.

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