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    Question Sound moderator

    Have had a little search around but have not actually found anything that answers my question so here goes.

    I have a slot for a .243 sound moderator, am I only allowed to buy a 243 mod or am I allowed to buy any mod as long as it is more than 243 as it seems there are a lot of people using 30cal mods on 243's.

    I was looking at the ASE Jet Z Compact and on their website it says it is suitable from 243-308 so when they are proofed are they proofed up to the maximum calibre.

    sorry if this is a silly question or a bit hard to understand , I would have asked in my local gun shop but not planning on going in anytime soon. Many thanks Pete.
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    Peter its pretty much your choice most mods are not proofed but rated ie 25 cal 30 cal , I used to have a 25 cal on my 243 and the same for my 222 some buy one and use on all calibers obviously being suitable for the largest caliber used.
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    I will impart my very limited knowledge of moderators!

    Let me give an example! If you owned two rifles, lets say a .243 and a 22.250 and the .243 was allowed to have a moderator and the 22.250 not, although the moderator may fit the 22.250 it would be an offence to put it on there. It is the act of putting a moderator on your rifle that is restricted or not! Of course you would just ask the firearms dept to add both as being allowed mods.

    As for their effectiveness, it is the baffles that are the key factor. If you have a .30 cal mod and therfore a .30cal set of baffles and you put this on your .243 the baffles will not be so tight to the bullet and as it exits and therefore not reduce sound so well. But some manufacturers will sell you baffles of different calibres so you can swap them over!

    However does this mean you could buy a .30 cal one if you had a space on your ticket for a .243 mod? I don't know but I would have thought as it would fit the ,243 but not be so effective it wouldn't be a problem!

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    you can buy any 'cal' mod as you've already seen alot of mods cover a range of calibres. Just make sure its entered as a 243 mod on your FAC and you'll be fine. Also make sure its entered as unknown maker and no serial number as its easier to swap over in the future should you wish

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    I have 4 moderators on my certificate,
    one is attached permanently to my fathers rifle,

    one is mine and is used on four rifles, it is listed as a "small bore moderator" and does not appear to be listed to any particular rifle.

    I have two slots for "large bore moderators" again not specified as any calibre or linked to any particular rifle.

    The restriction is the moderator itself used in conjunction with a firearm (you can by rimfire moderators over the counter for air rifles but if you then fit them to a .22lr for example you are breaking the law)

    I am pretty sure if you have a slot for a moderator for one rifle and you can physically use it (i.e same thread big enough bore) then you should have no problem using it on another rifle. bearing in mind the reason for having one is for health and safety and hearing protection! it would be pretty stupid if they restricted it for one rifle and not another!! but then stupidity and law are not mutually exclusive!
    speak to your FL chap as it is odd that they have specified a calibre unless of course you only have one rifle on your ticket then they would obviously list it as for that rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    ..... it would be pretty stupid if they restricted it for one rifle and not another!! but then stupidity and law are not mutually exclusive!
    That's firearms licensing for ya'
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    I think Bewsher is correct. I have moderators that are just marked on my FAC as C/F moderator so i can use this on any such rifle i choose.

    Your rifles are entered on the FAC with no indication whether or not they are screwcut.


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