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Thread: Decent Buck/Stag Opportunities

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    Decent Buck/Stag Opportunities

    The various threads on medals have got me thinking. I've been stalking for over 20 years and have never shot a medal head (one near bronze roe) and I think I've done enough shooting of cull bucks/stags and does to justify trying for a couple of decent representative bucks or stags.

    I've always been interested in good heads and would like to try for a good roebuck, red stag, sika stag and/or fallow buck sometime in 2011 or 2012. I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere, I'd prefer woodland/farmland stalking but nothing in a park or enclosed area.

    If anyone has any opportunities that might suit please PM me.

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    If i had the money to go for a medal buck, i would be heading up to mj robsons ,
    He has a lot of good ground and regulary produces medals for his clients, you only have to go on his website to see the quality of his deer. DF

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