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Thread: 308 hunting/target bullet ???

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    308 hunting/target bullet ???

    does anyone know of a reasonably priced bullet for reloading 308 which will be used for non competion target shooting and the occassional deer stalking ? I want to load 1 round for both purposes
    i am thinking 155 gr as rifle is 1:12 twist, 26 " barrel.
    any ideas will be appreciated

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    150gn Sierra Pro-Hunters ? cheap and effective
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    The 155 grain Berger "hunting bullet" might be ideal - this used to be Berger's target bullet but they increased the jacket thickness of their target bullets as some people were managing to get them to "explode" on the way to the target due to high velocity and jacket failure.

    Berger continued production of the "thin jacket" target bullet and have labelled it a "hunting bullet" as it was proving very effective on game. Seems that it is very prone to fragmenting when it hits game giving excellent terminal results though I have no experience of this.

    However, going that route would let you shoot a target bullet for both target and on game.

    If you are a bit uncomfortable with that idea then I've had great success with the Hornady Spire Points in the 150 grain version in my 308. They are about as inexpensive as you get at the minute when it comes to bullets and they work well on game out of my 308.

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    With a 12" twist you can use up to 200 grain bullets, but to keep velocity up the 150/155gr is what most shooters use, I have had very good accuracy with all the major bullet manufacturers 150gr bullets just try as many as you can either afford or lay your hands on, I don't know what the price difference between the makes are over there but down here Speer are the cheapest Sierra, Hornady, Nosler are about the same for their standard bullets, Berger Barnes and the fancy
    stuff by the the others are as much as twice the price, Speer Sierra and Hornady all make 150gr spizter boat tails if you want slippery bullets for long-range shots all will kill any Deer you are likely to run into at sensible distances, with careful load development you should be able to get .5 m.o.a accuracy if your rifle is capable, match grade bullets won't get you any better unless you have a purpose built target rifle.

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    I used 150 grain ballistic tips, nosler, for a while.I recently changed to partitions as some stalking guides do not like the use of ballistic tips. I had a great load, 43 grains of imr 4895 would give me a round that would land pretty much where i aimed. I am no target shooter either, so i was really happy with the ballistic tips. If everyone allowed ballistic tips to be used, i would of carried on using them, brilliant bullet for my gun. Ed.

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    i have used the bergar hunting vld"s115gr in 25cal this winter on reds and fallow.had very good results with them ,very accurate and good knock down power.
    At the end of season i ran out but got a box of target vld"s in yellow box,i tried these on red"s and fallow and they do not do the job at all,to state the obvious
    suppose that is why they are labeled target bullets,


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    I use the 155gr Sierra Match king for target and the 150gr Gameking for deer.
    Very similar behaviour but there will be some zero shift.

    43gr of N140 under both.

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    bergers are good but expensive.
    Try some 150 grain sierra pro hunters or hornady spire points,
    Some guys I know are getting good results with the hornady 155 grain Amax on deer and targets.

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    It'd a difficult one. How far are you wanting to shoot targets out to? Also you will have to use 2 different bullets. One for target and 1 for deer. I use scenars or sierra MK for tagret and game kings on deer point of impact between the target and deer rounds is different.

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    DONT use the vld`s on roe and smaller deer as i have and i spoke to bryan litz from berger and he said they are not designed for animals of that size. They do not expand.


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