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Thread: which fallow to shoot?

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    which fallow to shoot?

    Whilst out on my permission at the weekend i saw a bachelor group of Fallow in an area where i knew they sometimes frequented (across the boundary there are loads).
    As they are only visitors, and not viewed by the owners as theirs (like the roe, which they like to see around) i would be welcome to take as many as i like for the pot.

    There were 6 of them. 1 big buck, 1 medium buck, and 4 prickets. I passed up the chance as i was not 100% happy with the shot presented, and i wasn’t sure which one would be best to take.

    Should i get another chance, am i right in thinking that taking a pricket would be the best choice for me, and let the stalker on their home range decide when the more mature animals “have had their time”.

    Any thought greatly appreciated.

    Ps, could have had some nice roe bucks as well but let them go instead.
    (what is happening to me! )

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    Good strategy - this time of year is the time to be taking the prickets which make superb eating.

    Leaving the big buck for your neighbour is good manners seldom seen these days but anyway I'd leave it until at least November and the medium buck is a possibility if it doesn't have potential.

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    Congrats on your self restraint bucksden! If it's for the pot there's no question about it, take a pricket.

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    a little pointer for future reference that may be of use
    if the big buck in or out of velvet looks like a poor head then you should be ok to take that one as that may not be a good breeding buck but should still hav plenty of fat on it and need a bit more hanging that will help in tenderising the meat a little, pressure cooker will do the rest
    the prickets
    i always go for the shortest antler length as any pricket thats antlers stand above it's ears could potentialy turn out a good head
    but prickets make very good eating
    i prefer atleast a 2 year as that should hav a bit more meat and a lot more fat on the loin with any luck
    just takes a bit more effort to drag
    good luck for the future

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    thanks folks.

    off on holiday on saturday for a week but when i get back i have something with a green plastic tip and .308 written on the bottom waiting for them to return

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