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Thread: Catton Shoot report

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    Catton Shoot report

    Thank you to all that turned up to the may shoot, At the start of the day it looked like it was going to be a wash out after very heavy rain all through the night but the sun gods looked down on us again and what a cracking day it turned out to be.
    New for this shoot was the woodland walk and lots of you took your turns on entering the unknown to locate and shoot at the targets placed through the wood. Every one seemed to enjoy this althrough it did take over an hour to walk and shoot the course.
    The rest of the targets were all set out over the valley and the metal targets getting a right good going over with one person admiting to firing over 230 rounds and coming away very happy.
    I have had some good feed back again and its good to see so many from the site returning to shoot. Its a pleasure to meet and chat to all of you.
    Some of the photos are below but I appear to of lost some off the camera so if any of you managed to take a few it would be good to see them.

    see you all June 19th (Fathers Day)


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    Hi Carl
    I must thank you for organising such a great day out
    I hav never been on a day like this ever and found it great fun and very relaxed
    which was down to your hard work,
    I also met a few other nice fellow shooters who were in the same mind set as the group I was shooting with
    The woodland stalk was a great teaching aid with lots of varied targets and obstructions to think about before pulling the trigger with lots of different aim points to choose from
    very enjoyable
    I also took a few pics along the way

    The running deer

    click on pic below for short vid

    The 385y target range, one of the guys doing a bit of maintainace whilst we waited

    some more targets

    the Bear target being repaired after I killed
    click on pic below for short vid

    Highlights of the day for me
    Shaun's double burger with extra onion and cheese.... Bargain
    The company of Guys I shot with made it even more of a great day
    and shooting the fox target on the long range , 365yards I think it was ranged at off sticks in that wind
    A real good day and also a pleasure to meet you, hopefully will be there again in June

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    again a great day testing targets liked the woodland set up (maybe sneek one or two un marked targets in )every one friendly and informative great job well done

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    Thanks for the comments from Stone and neil b. Great photos will have to set you on as cheif photographer . Will hide a couple of targets next time in the wood that would be interesting to see how many can find them (GOOD IDEA).
    Will pass on the comments to Shaun about the food.
    Good to see you all and hope to see you soon
    next one June 19th then July 17th


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    If only I had know this was being run at the weekend. I'll be putting the next one in the diary.

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    Pics look great, I'd be up for the next one.

    Kind Regards


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    Carl, another good day, thanks to you all.

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    I couldn't make it this time, but my mate went and said it was superb! Looking forward to the next chance to go... cheers!

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    looks like a good day out fellas

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    Just a quick note to all who are coming to the June shoot. There is a large horse event on at the same time as the shoot but in a different area so please follow the signs to the RIFLE SHOOT as pulling your weapon out infront of a load of ladies in riding gear may well offend...............
    The shoot is in the same area as previous shoots.


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