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Thread: Ledwave Pel-5 Green LED Hunting Set

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    Ledwave Pel-5 Green LED Hunting Set

    Anyone use one of these ? - - seems cheap and cheerful - - does it do a good job for the price ?


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    Struggling to find a price - the only one I can see is 159 Euro for the hunting kit. I'd have to say that 89 lumen probably won't give you what you need and at that price - unless I have it completely wrong there are far better things out there.

    Is it the small LED or the green light that interests you most?

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    Good morning EtR

    Mark Stone was using one on his .22 in the Summer 2011 No 64 edition of Sporting Rifle. Normally they give the usual advertising blurb but in this case very little was said except that it was rated four stars, imported through GMK, priced 66 and allowed lamping between a " dull but usable green glow and an intense emerald beam". I'ld like to know usable distance etc.


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    Hi JRoe,

    Try Jetbeam. I think their products are brilliant. Mostly military designed stuff for tactical weapon use. Very well designed and very good quality. Send a PM to STEVIENICKNACKS (I think that is correct) he's just getting into one as well and is about to post a review. I spoke to one of the blokes at Jetbeam UK yesterday and they are going to be offering discounts to SD members in the very near future. I think he said 10% but check on that one just in case I'm wrong.

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