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Thread: Looking to buy fired-once brass.

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    Looking to buy fired-once brass.

    If anyone could help me out I would much appreciate it

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    hi kev what calibre you after i have a .243 so i get some cases probably have about 20 empties laying around if that would help i dont reload and usually use federal cases.cheers

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    I can find you assorted 243 and 308 mostly federal, RWS and Hornady. Any use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinM View Post
    If anyone could help me out I would much appreciate it
    Any more info?
    Who are you?
    Quick intro might help in your search.

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    Hi, should of posted more info there. I'm a university student taking part in a project and need the brass casing to be as clean as possible. Am especially interested in the rim, and presentation of the primer. The diameter of the rim cannot exceed 1.3cm

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    What quantity do you need and what calibre(s)?



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    I take it that you are looking for cases with spent primer in situe, if so these cases will not be "clean". To clean these cases of powder residue requires the primer to be removed so that the cases can be drained of any cleaning fluids, powder and primer residue, keep in mind that these cases will contain lead styfenate from the primer. Lads he's looking for cases of which are 1/2" diameter or less, so not the stubby magnums.
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    I need them in the hundreds, from what I understood the calibre is the diameter of the bullet? My knowledge of bullets is quite limited, so if you need any more info, feel free to ask

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    Callie, thanks for your time

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    Kevin, I can supply a reasonable quantity, certainly several hundred cases, mainly .243 win, once fired. It will not be particularly clean though. Scrap price at the moment is between 2400/tonne and 2700/tonne so i'll say 2.50/kg plus carridge. Let me know if you are interested. JC

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