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Thread: First solo Buck tonight.

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    First solo Buck tonight.

    Hi Folks,

    As some of you may have read i shot my first buck a couple of weeks ago under the watchful eye of Davie (6pointer) on his ground. Had my first solo success tonight on my own patch, just like last time it was at the last gasp after watching a yearling buck for about an hour, he started to look a bit nervous and was suddenly chased by my buck which then came into range with a comfortable 80 yard shot. I did stalk this buck three nights ago and made a hash of it at the very last second bumping my moderator of a dyke and alerting him to my presence-live and learn!! The nice new harkila roe sack in the photo will be going back tomorrow as it kindly burst on the walk home giving me a blood soaked arse! delighted all the same.
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    Nice buck! your first solo is one to remember!! Heres to many more.

    Have you got any pics of his head from the side?



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    well done mate, it is a good feeling when you've done it all on your own int it

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    Not at the moment mate but i will add some tomorrow.

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    Well done mate. The first successful solo always gives you confidence. Thats one to put on the wall and admire for years to come


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    Cheers guys, definitely one to remember.

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    nice one,
    got my first one for a while a few weeks ago also,been zeroing rifle on the range then on the way back to the car buck standing just inside the wood,clean shot,best feeling in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bmcphers83 View Post
    bumping my moderator off a dyke
    Damned Lesbians - they ruin everything!

    Well done mate - nice one!

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    Well done. suggest you get mod cover they ding like a bell motor cycle inner tube stops it but then you have to roll it off if it gets wet.

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