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Thread: Big Red Barsteward

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    Big Red Barsteward

    Got up this morning 0600, took the terrier out. As I walked around the corner of the barn I looked up the field to be greeted by a big dog fox sat on the banking chewing on what I thought was a rabbit, untill it tried to drag it away. It turned out to be one of my four week old lambs. Went back to the house for my rifle, waking everbody in the house getting it out of the cabinet but when I got back it had gone. The lamb was big, fit and healthy the evening before when I went round them. I have had them taken at a day or so old but never when they are four weeks old. Hopefuly it will be feeling the wrath of my .204 this evening.

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    Barsteward is right ! - - I hope you get him !


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    Must admit that this lambing season has surprised me. I bring the ewe's into a couple of small fields so I am able to see them from a caravan. They were all adult animals in good nick and very brassy. I did lose some lambs to them, but I really had no idea that I would have that many to contend with in about four acres of grass with only 50 lambing ewe's.
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    the dogs are providing for the vixon and cubs right now and they take liberties alright the dogs look in great shape but the vixons are looking shabby after havin cubs
    good luck

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    Is that not what foxes do?

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    Not for long they don't. It came back for secondsClick image for larger version. 

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    That is a big lamb for them to take. Is it possible it was dead already.

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    I know they are pretty good at dying but it was fit and healthy the evening before. Thats why i was suprised, the lamb is as big as the fox. A Farmer not to far away from me has lost around twenty so far of varying ages up to three/four weeks old.
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    Bagged the second one this morning 01:00. You've just got to love these .204s.

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    Nope not a big lamb to take when game is scarce fox will take lambs right up until end June or until lambs are big enough to fight back. Been on call out with the hounds in May at farmers request to deal with lamb killing and I can assure you farmers ain't paying for the call out unless it is necessary! Had some grand early morning hunts.


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