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Thread: Big Roebuck pictures.

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    Big Roebuck pictures.

    I have some Danish clients out this week and they showed me a website that displays some very good pictures of big roebucks. I though you might like to have a look.

    Also look at the photo compilation page,


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    Thats very interesting mark and looks like they plan there farms to accomadate the deer . But you know that WS will come on and tell you that it dont mater what the antlers are like they taste the same. May i ask why the danish chaps would want to come over if the Roe deer they have are of supearior quality ?

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    Few nice heads , but you can understand why they want to come here

    I have driven across Denmark several times and counted scores of deer along the roadsides, mainly roe,always made me wonder why they need to come here to hunt deer, apparantly get a bit more for your Krona

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    I think some of the photos will be from south Sweden, where lots of Danish hunters travel to stalk.

    All types of hunting are in very high demand in Denmark, therefore driving the prices through the roof. Due to the high pressure a lot of bucks are shot as yearlings with poor heads and very rarely left to grow older to their potential. There are only a handful of areas where you can shoot a big buck like the ones in these pictures.


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