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Thread: cheap 4x4 insurance

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    cheap 4x4 insurance

    Any one found cheap 4x4 insurance.
    I ve just got my renewal through and 600 quid TPFT.
    Im 34 with 7 years no claims, 3 points and a clapped out 96 lwb base shogun.
    Its used mainly for shooting and had done 1200 miles [70% off road] between mots last year.
    It sups like a fish and so i get pounded on fuel and now getting my ass felt for insurance.
    Its pissing me off

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    i was quoted 1200.00 for my old hilux surf by the crowd i had been with for years, thought it was way to much so i saw an advert for m and s insurance and gave them a call they covered me fully comp for 400.00. they might be worth a call. cheers

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    have you a number for them. sounds just the ticket

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    My Honda CR-V SE SPORT is 273 .30. Fully Comp, 54 plate, with Choice, who farmed it out to Groupama OptChoice.
    Okay I am an old git ( just retired ) but it must be worth a call, even if you only save 50.00 quid.
    Best of luck.

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    NFU are usually very good for 4x4's my Ranger 300 fully comp and as 3rd car only have a few years no claims built up on it

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    I think it pays to move about. We were with NFU for 4X4 vehicles, but now moved to directline. Was 268 fully comp for '97 landrover disco, with additional named driver. Just changed vehicle to '03 disco TD5 and premium with same cover gone up to around 300. Both drivers in late 30s, with 7 years no claim.

    Breakdown cover 45 with green insurance co. Well worth it.

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    I'm beginning to think it's best not to bother, if you are caught without insurance the fine will be a lot less than the premium
    To keep the premium down I always accept an excess of 200.
    If I prang it or it gets dented it's nearly always less than the excess so I pay it myself.
    It has worked out OK for me so far but there will come a day when I will have to put in a claim so until then I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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    I used these last year for our fleet, it worked out 200 full comp per 4x4 . Over 25yr old drivers, No no claims needed ! limited mileage 5,000 miles. The more goodies you have the better the quote !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maespant View Post
    NFU are usually very good for 4x4's my Ranger 300 fully comp and as 3rd car only have a few years no claims built up on it
    same as for my 53 plate L200 i do invite our local nfu rep shooting though

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