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Thread: Knife Sharpening

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    Knife Sharpening

    I have NEVER been able to sharpen a knife to anything like it's potential. Tried this and that, various sharpeners, stones etc. But for some reason I saw the Fallkniven DC4, looked around, saw some good reports And thought- lets try the next gimmick

    Well I got it yesterday and couldnt get the bloody thing to do anything. Then i read the instructions today and looked at some youtube footage. I was using it on cheap kitchen knives to try it out. Then read (somewhere) that it'll only do it's best on quality blades. So i chanced an old French locking knife. Now it's slicing old tomatoes . Yeap i know the blade will blunt quickly, but to get it to that shows the sharpeners potential.

    The DC4 has two sides, diamond for course honing and ceramic (something or other) for the razor edge.

    I can recommend this to anyone who's had the same difficulties as me. But make sure you get the bigger of the two DC's, the 4, because the smaller one must be matchbox sized - and nope i'm not on aq profit share scheme - worse bloody luck

    Happy Gralloching

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    I was the same until I bought myself a Lansky sharpening system. Now I can sharpen pretty much anything with a handle with the option of different angles as well.

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    Have a look at The Wicked Edge knife sharpener, has to be imported for the states. I have never had knives so sharp, stubble shaving sharp.


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