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Thread: Sako Finnfire Hunter 22LR and Sak moderator

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    Sako Finnfire Hunter 22LR and Sak moderator

    I never thought I'd ever sell this, but it has sat unused in the back of the safe for years and I now need the slots for variation.

    22LR Sako Finnfire in good used condition. It has been a working rifle, so it has a few minor marks on the stock as to be expected. The metalwork is in good condition. The barrel has been cut to 16" and threaded 1/2" UNF to a very high standard by Richard Pope of Swift Precision Rifles (receipt to prove). It comes with one new 5 shot magazine (receipt to prove), and thread protector.

    350 for a quick sale.
    No silly offers please as this is already 100 less than the next cheapest on Guntrader.

    There's also the latest Sak moderator which is in good / fair condition which can be had for an extra 20 if bought with the rifle. Will not split until rifle sold.

    Images below:

    The above is also for sale elsewhere.

    All of this kit is FAC only, and I'm only prepared to sell face to face. I simply cannot be bothered to get RFDs involved, so don't ask. I'm prepared to meet a reasonable distance from my home near Banbury, M40 J11. However, if the buyer collects, there are up to 600 Eley subs to be included gratis depending on their FAC buy limit.
    I am not prepared to hold any of the kit whilst a potential buyer sorts his FAC out or finds time to collect. This first to turn up at my door with the asking price has first refusal.
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    My god that is cheap and they are a better rifle than the Quad. This is worth at least 500 and we all know it!


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    Cheers Tommo.
    I've put it in cheap to get a quick sale as I need the slot back.
    A shrewd operator could buy this and sell it on for a profit.

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    I've got one mate and they are the best in my opinion (unless you get a Ansu custom'd) The quad just seemed to loose something in my opinion. I say this from having them both - settling back with a fin...

    Good luck with the sale (btw 600 subs would be 35 in anyones book)


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    mail returned see you sunday ok, wont see you sunday :s
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    Sold off forum.

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