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Thread: ITV 8pm Tonight.

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    ITV 8pm Tonight.

    Countrywise. Mike Robinson deer stalking around Loch Lomond. (according to Radio Times, anyway).
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    I'll give it a glance. Thanks for the heads up.


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    Says he is preparing a venison dish in my local rag.

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    Seemed reasonable enough. No deer, but no gobsh*ite antis either!

    Mmmm, soggy pittas...


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    But he doesn't like his venison too pink,

    Any chef knows you don't salt venison before cooking, it draws the moisture and dries the meat.

    I'm no expert or chef, just fussy

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    Are we to assume by the nomad, swarvos and the fact he was toting the rifle around that he might do a bit of stalking himself, or did he just blow the shoot budget to look the part!?!


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    He's a keen stalker, who has been involved in a couple of stalking/venison cookery dvd's. His pub, the Pot Kiln, always has venison on the menu, and there are plenty of heads that he's shot on the walls. He is/was on BASC council (I think), and seems to be a good ambasadeur for fieldsports in general.

    Might be best for Joe Public that no deer were the reason for management across without bambi tugging at the heart strings.
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    The prostalker is a guy called Paul Kent, works with Winston Churchill. I stalked with him above Loch Long years ago. The big skinny bast#ard nearly walked me to death, I actually puked when he pushed me up a near vertical mountain at 5.30am on an August morning.... He got me in near a couple of young red stags at about 6.15am. I could not shoot one as I was still hyperventilating from the hike. Seriously, I thought I was going to croak.

    Mike Robinson is a really good guy, pro - field sports, did a show called Safari Chef. Really walks the walk unlike many other chefs.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    been there with paul man can he walk mind you his legs must be 4ft long !!!!!!

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