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Thread: How to put a letter to the FEO ?

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    How to put a letter to the FEO ?

    Wondering how I should put the letter I need to send to the FEO.

    I want to do the following,

    1. Remove the mentoring condition on my 243. Had it for almost 2 years.
    2. Add a new permission to my FAC. Have permission letter from farmer and land is already cleared.
    3. Add deer to my FAC, have a letter from the land owner of a permission I already have saying I can shoot the deer there.

    I phoned the office today and they just said to send a letter in with my FAC and they will sort it all out

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    Dear sir / madam etc etc,

    I wish to add a new permision to my FAC and enclose a permission letter from the land owner to that effect. At the same time I would like to add the quarry of 'Deer' to my .243 bolt action rifle as the afforementioned permission would also like his deer population managing. With this new permission and deer control required, I would also like the 'mentoring' condition removed from my FAC. I believe I have shown competence and thorough safety in the last 2 years to effect its removal.

    Yours faithfully etc etc

    Maybe pad it out a little more, but the basics are there.

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    I had to write one a bit like that early this year. They also wanted to see a letter from the mentor confirming it.

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    I've had to.write four of those letters one bloke I had to write two letters for one for a .222 and then one for a .243 a year.after I wrote the first even though he was ex military and had more qualifications in shooting than you could shake a stick at including range officer !!

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    I have letter from my mentor, have a letter for the new permission. I have the land with deer on already on my FAC but didnt ask for deer when I added it. Have a letter saying I can shoot the deer on there now to add to it so hopefully get it all sorted

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    What have you been using your .243 for up to now?... I think the getting the mentoring removed could be a problem if you don't have deer on your ticket already. I had been shooting for over 15yrs but as soon as deer was mentioned they slapped on a mentoring condition on my .243 Even though I already had open ticket for all my other rifles including .223
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