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Thread: Hunting with Accuracy International.

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    Hunting with Accuracy International.

    I was interested to know how many other members had any experience of using an Accuracy International to hunt/stalk with and there thoughts on how effective or non effective it had been ?

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    I have a rem semi custom that sits in a AICS,its an excellent piece of kit,seriously accurate,but never even concider it for stalking,one reason being its weight 17lb...

    Think it would be a bit like taking a pump action 12 bore on a grouse moor would certainly do the job but!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Saw someone using one on a dvd i have "Extreme Deer Hunting" or something along those lines, he was tramping about in waist deep snow up on the hill with it! Did the job though,

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    it can be done, but it is a compromise.

    Just another excuse for a new rifle

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    Ive had an AW, didnt get on with the stock, now have the Blaser Tac 2.

    (you know how it shoots Rob)

    Ive stalked with both, neither being an issue for long walks - I used biathalon sling with the AW, the Blaser I can get away with a standard sling.

    Im not especially big or strong - semi fit.

    But I dont have a problem carrying heavy rifles whilst stalking.

    The problem comes with extraction.... over long distances.

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    I've stalked with my AE . And still do if i need to take animals that are on open fields where close stalking is hard.
    Good from high seat but not so good for stick work.

    BUT 99% of the time for walked woodland stalking i use a very light short rem 7 in .260

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    I have used the AICS on a remington, great in prone or in the seat but the weight was a problem and it always got left at home. The Sauer 202 outback gets taken instead.

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