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    Scope Covers

    I would be interested to know what is available by the way of bikini covers or something a little more durable than the ''Butler Creek'' covers for field use.

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    Bikini Covers usually come with the scope.

    Now then; Butler Creek covers. - You might find a bit of second opinion with what i'm about to say!!!

    I've had the same butler creek covers on my scope for 8 years now and they show now sign of falling apart and my kit does get plenty of use and indeed slight abuse .

    If you want to walk around with the rifle over your shoulder with your covers flipped up then don't get BC's. if you can walk about with them protecting your scope glass only to flip them once a target has been sighted then get Butler Creek.

    Yes, the front cover makes a popping sound when flipped but you can flip it fully then push it back only on one side ( usually the opposite side to the one that you use to flip it) that way it protects the glass and flips silently


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