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Thread: Comment,s on the new code of practice

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    Comment,s on the new code of practice

    SNH Have writen a new code and want your responce please read and pass the link on to other webs sites and friends.

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    Just had a quick skip through it at the moment, will study it later, at the moment I don't see anything earth shattering.

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    I have noticed that a lot of the resopnces ask you to refer to the Peri-urban BP GUIDE and at this moment it is not available so that bit should be good.

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    Just had a read through, not thoroughly, and as stated does not appear to be earth shattering, it does point you in several places to the relevant part of the best practise guide which will be used to enact the code, the only thing is that the best practise guide relating to Peri-urban deer management have yet to be published. That might make coming to a conclusion on the particular part of the new code a bit tricky.


    Edit: Just noticed that Davie has come to the same conclusion as me, but posted it as I was typing.
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    Davie the peri -urban thing is no different than any other type of deer management .

    All types of deer management derive on 100% safety no matter wether it is in a housing estate or a motorway, forest or hillside ,everything still remains the same as any of the best practice information on taking any sort of shot.

    If it is not safe don't shoot .

    I take from your posting you are looking for guidelines to further support peri-urban deer management ,that you have now been carrying out the practice, for a couple of years ,much like shutting the stable door after the horse is out.

    Should it not be that you have the guidelines to work to first ,now you have carried out this for a while, you should offer your services to SNH ,they should be learning from you not the other way around .

    It is all well that they carried out research on a theory basis ,you have been carrying out the practical on the ground management ? Who's learning from who here?

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    Bob like anything else the guide is not law and is not just about safty. It cannot be the same as the rest because at this minute they are writeing a guide for urban deer managment not only for the control of deer but also to advise local councils and comuntiy groups on how to deal with Urban deer. I was told the guide would be finnished by March this year but as yet nothing. But if a responce paper tells you to refer to a guide that is not there then somthing is a miss. . Also Bob who is to say over the last 32 years i have not been following best practice and there is certainly a lot i still need and want to learn about urban deer. Haveing it in black and white Bob will make it easier to talk to the likes of coucilors comunity groups and other interested party,s I also would like to be able to guide the members of the deer group down the correct road not just say do as i do or your doing it wrong type of thing. Its a new world for the deer managers and we need not only to know the theory but also the practical forms of management.

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    Interesting read.
    I can see live capture courses' being attended by councillors to ensure the bambi factor is rigorously maintained. Night time motorway closures and live capture is coming to Scotland, you heard it here first
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    They dont need to close motorways mate can you imagine the cost of that.Just having the correct aproach will sort any problem.

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    What about elf nsaftee!!
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    i agree councils will send people on the courses purley to save themselves money without any reguard for experience or knowledge of animals ( lots of local authority jobsworths running around with dart guns)

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