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Thread: Post silage clear up

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    Post silage clear up

    Well managed to catch up with some of our rather lamp shy Basil's last week after the silage was cut. Got 2 the first nght and 3 next few eves/mornings. 3 dogs and 2 vixens, still have 3 to get but may have to resort to NV. As I write half of ground now into maize and rest under plough so will be sown by tomorrow.

    Was very please to get a very wary dog fox, was very windy and shooting partner got it with his .257Ack, saw the bullet go down the lamp beam, made a bit of a mess of the culprit which was a tiny scraggy dog.
    Had to resort to moving cavalry approach, gate to field pre opened, drove into field in darkness with buddy already in position on roof, lamp on, track fox, stopped for millisecond and game over!!!


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    good shooting mate. the 257 robertson ackley sounds nice. what action is it etc ???

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