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Thread: Hi Gang !!

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    Hi Gang !!

    By way of introduction:

    I have enjoyed shooting sports for many years now; I started clay shooting eventually running my own clay club and instructing a wee bit. Years ago, I was introduced to rough shooting by an old wiley poacher (He poached as a lad growing up in Staffordshire - Not anymore!!), from there I discovered game shooting and vermin control.

    I now work a spaniel and shoot on a syndicate in Dorset and have been rabbit, pigeon and fox shooting for years now.

    Having accompanied a few mates around their fields while they have stalked, my interest was whetted and i'm about ready to book my DSC1 which I feel is the appropriate way of dipping my toes. Hopefully I will enjoy the course and we'll see where we go from there.

    There is no doubt I will find this forum of huge value and I look forward to digesting your collective experience.

    Thank you.

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    Welcome, DMQ1 is without doubt the best place to start, it,ll give you a basic insight to Deer stalking and all of the warts that accompany it.

    The world renowned Roe Deer expert (Richard Prior) comes from down your way, Gussage all Saints, if you ever get chance to meet, do so, you,ll learn more from him than anyone else.
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    Many thanks. A tip already and only a member for a couple of hours. Hope to chat in the future.


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    Welcome mancub im new to stalking too, you`ll find many guys on here willing to share there knowledge.

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    Thanks Ray; having read some of the posts on here it is obvious there are some very useful people around.


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