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Thread: Danish Roe Website

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    Danish Roe Website

    Been put onto this site by a Danish friend, it's only in Danish but by using Google Translate you get what's going on.
    Alot of interesting stuff, about management, deer dogs, with some superb photography.
    Mentioned on it as well is quite a good concept for stalkers without deer dogs, if a stalker is hunting a area he can send a text to the registared Danish Deer Dog Handlers-Schweiss Registrat, with the area post code that he is hunting in and receives a text back with the contact details of three registered deer dog handlers in that area, simple but very effective.


    Edited to put on the website doh!!!! Startside
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    Have just went else where on the website and saw that mj robson has beat me to it and has already put it up on the website in the Photo's Section

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    Nice website! I haven't seen it before, thanks for posting the link.

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    Thanks for posting the link moose!

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