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Thread: Millet scope mounts

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    Millet scope mounts

    Just bought a Swarovski 8X56 30mm scope to replace my 6X42 with 1" tube,need
    some Millet rings to fit it, I think they are an obsolete make, originaly made in
    Australia,I want to fit it to my Sauer 202 , does anybody have some for sale ?.
    Or are they still avalable, would welcome any information.

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    A photo would help as there are many different types of rings in the Millet brand and of course Hilver the Australian maker.

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    Thanks for the reply, decided to go for some new warne mounts, hope they will be ok.

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    Hi Mate
    Whats wrong with the Hilver 30mm rings and bases fora Sauer 202 just 11 post further back down the page !


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