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    Training Started

    Well she has been here a couple of days and it is time to start her training. For me heel work is really important and even though these dogs work off lines and harnesses. This one will be trained from the start just like my passed dogs and hopefully will not only find fallen Animals but will also point or locate in a way live deer at heel/,

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    Excellent stuff but remember the most important part of the function of a deer dog is to locate deer, both wounded/dead and alive. These dogs are blessed with an impressive ability to detect scent but the dog must be conditioned that what pleases you best is when it detects the scent of deer. Although obedience, heel work etc is important, to me it is secondary to tracking deer.

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    I second what Gazza has said. Its also important to remember IMO that these dogs come into their own when they are over 2 years of age, they will teach you to a certain extent. But the basics must come first, best of luck with her Davie, we are just getting to grips with the new bitch I have.

    As you know we have had a struggle with the tail issue from when we bought her at 9 months old, but we are over the worst of it and she is now showing signs of making an excellant tracking dog. She certainly has some spirit thats for sure.



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    Well Malc i will need to tell buck that he will be so pleased that gives him 24 months before the oneway walk instead of the 12 i thought the bitch would need. Gazza she dont need to find deer mate she just needs to look good like her owner. lol
    Here she is again

    Old Buck looking at the hill woundering if it may be his last

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    She seems to enjoy whatever she is doing at the time Davie, and she has a found a hero in old buck and I have never seen him so animated! I'm sure she will turn out as good as if not better than the old boy, she spends a lot of time with her nose to the ground and the rest of it looking for you and buck which can't be bad.

    I think buck is having a senior moment as he is gazing off into the distance

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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