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    Evening folks,

    Is there anyone on here that shoots a .243 Remington 700 and reloads? Have been reading post after post as I am new to reloading and understand the cautions of using others loads but am still interested to see what works(powder,brass,heads etc) for other Remington users.


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    Hi Steven
    I have a remington 700 .243 and have just started Reloading myself so would also be interested to see what others are doing. I understand that all rifles are different and like different ammo so I'm sure this will vary. When I have experimented with my reloads I will let you know what is working best.


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    I used to load 95 grain SST/ Nosler Balistic tips with 42 grains of Vit 160 and had sub inch results with that.


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    Thanks Dave

    Dom - where is Berkshire are you?

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    I use 48grs of n160 with 100 gr btsp but going to try 44gr of n140 with 70 gr ballistic tips also going to try 55gr ballistic tips with 40grs of n140 up to 43 gr of n140 but you work up your slowly atb paul.

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    I used Nosler 95gn Ballistic Tips powered by Vit.N160 for 20 years. Always gave at least 1/2" MOA groups, often 1/4", when I held the rifle steady enough.
    I worked my loads up to 44.5gn N160, but you should start from a lesser point ...& progress carefully.
    I have shot all six species of UK deer with this load, both males & females.
    For big Red Stags, it's fine if you get shot placement right.
    If you don't get it right, the bullet may not be quite man enough.

    I now shoot .25-06 Rem. for stalking, and it's better for those longer range shots in the Highlands.

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    Thanks for the replies, have got some Seirra Pro Hunters in 100grn and loaded 31.5grn Varget and will work my way up from there.


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    pault .. 48grs of vit 160 seems abit ott with 100grn, 48grn of vit 160 surely is a compressed load. stephenl .... buy or borrow a copy of modern reloading 2nd edition by richard lee and have a good read through it a couple of times, then look at page 271, ..good luck with your reloads. sb

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