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    Does anyone know any working GWP in the norwich area, mines 4 months and it would be nice if I could chat with them.

    thanks in advance


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    Hi Wag
    Dont live in your area, but have a 12month old GWP dog that I am training for pheasant and deer, pm me if you want to discuss anything regarding yours.

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    Again I dont live in your area, Im in Lancashire, but Again if you want to chat PM me and i will give you my mobile as I have a GWP an hes my deer dog and does alot of work on the deer.

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    my english geography is rubbish, but rory major, bryanscroft gundogs, is based in lincon area(no idea how far that is but i ken ur both on the east coast somewhere). He's one of the top names in hpr esp gwp for breeding and trailing, you could probably get a 1 to 1 or group seshion with him, i'm sure it would be worth the money

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    Hi wag i am in Diss,work a GWP. Plenty of experience with most breeds (trained dogs professionally for 15 years) but this is my first HPR. I would not want to be without one now. Feel free to chat i am not to far away.

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