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Thread: cumbrian muntjac

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    cumbrian muntjac

    anybody heard of any in cumbrian area as just been told of one been shot near spadeadam in last few weeks could this be true

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    I think some have been shot near ulverston, undoubtedly escapees from the local wildlife park I suspect. Not come across other reports


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    ime from, whitehaven/barrow way, and their was one hit by a car on the bypass at dalton

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    There have been some on the outskirts of Carlisle for a few years now.

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    didnt know theirwas any near carlisle im from their and not heard of any are they escapes from somewere. paul k have you had chance of one yourself from this area

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    Never heard of any up there. The Kielder FC boys will be hoping it was a one off!

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    one was hit by a car in south cumbria a while ago but I haven't heard of any up near carlisle, and I have stalking friends from that area who have never seen any, but anythings possible.

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    theres non around me even in dalton animal park and ive not herd off one ran over dwn my way and im less than 5 mins from said park although there was a walloby ran over that may be what people thought was a munty and im in ulverston so im pretty sure non have been shot here but i once may of thought i saw one on a fox drive not to far from here and that was 10 years ago and im definatly sure i herd a sika call last year when the reds were rutting ob one of my permissions but i never saw him so its possible there could be muntys you never know whats about but i hope theres a few knocking about and no one shoots them till we have a viable population just to go with our wild boar and big cats

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