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Thread: Anyone use a Heym ?

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    Anyone use a Heym ?

    Ive been looking at the heym sr 21 in 6.5x55 as my first staking rifle,has anyone got one if so what do you think?
    I cant seem to find any info on them especially picture any help appreciated.thanks

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    Chris S,

    I dont own a Heym but had a look at one when I was looking for a rifle. They are beautiful guns and had I been able to afford one then it would've been in my cabinet now.

    Have a look here for info :


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    Yes I do - Heym SR20 in .243 - very accurate and a very nice rifle.

    Good trigger as well - very crisp and glass like 3 1/2 lb pull, with a push forward set that I use for the odd long shot etc.

    The SR21 is a good rifle and the latest generation from the same stable. You do have a choice of stock styles - Europena Hogsback or a straight classic style.

    Haven't used one, but had a good look and yes they are nice, and actually a better rifle than the SR20 - but I prefer the aethetics of the SR20. - Mine is the left hand version of this

    I suppose the only thing against the Heym's is that are all steel and possibly a bit heavier than the average Sako / Tikka - but the weight gives them better handling and steadier shot.

    As for 6.5x55 - very good alrounder and will do every thing you need of it.

    Heym SR20

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    Thanks for that heym,i went to york guns at the weekend they had a classic version and it was very nice although the but wasnt very deep so i wonderd if the other stock option might be better for me but i cant find any pics or specs or even a uk seller for these rifles,can anyone please help?maybe post a pic of their heym?
    also saw a sauer 90 that was very nice also i wonder how the two compare

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    Hi Chris,

    The Heym website is - not the most use friendly will admit.

    Also have a look at

    And try some searches around Google and

    Mine looks like the one on Francis Lovells site with the link in posting above.

    Comb height is a little lower than ideal - but I have very low mounts on mine and 6x42 scope on just clears - less than 1mm - the barrel. Ideally I would like comb about 1/4 inch higher.

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    i wonder if the european stock will be higher than the classic version ?cant find anywhere that has the european yet .the classic felt great for open sights but it would have to be a 40mm scope and low mounts like yours.

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    Heym , great rifles . Here's mine had it for 30 years.

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