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Thread: 4x4 insurance

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    4x4 insurance

    Anybody got any insurance companies they would recommend to insure an imported
    4x4 im finding brokers in town dont want to take it on
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    i use adrian flux to insure my pajero, very reasonable price aswell with the modifications

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    I just got a good deal on my old Pajero with Peter Best, they are brokers but specialise in 4x4s, give them a go

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    Will try these tommorow ,for some reason the Pajero seems easier to insure ,the Lass in the office
    mentioned that , im looking at a Izuzu pick up
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    I had a similar problem when i bought an old L200 4 work; because it was a pick up most insurers weren't interested. During my time with the vehicle i swapped between Adrian Flux, Sureterm and ended up with National Farmers Union.

    Good Luck.

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    NFU for my Pajero.
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    adrian flux with my hilux. 299 that includes key care, fully comp, protected.
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    Subject to your age Saga who specialise in insuring drivers over 50 are very good. I run a Frontera 2.0 Sport and Saga charge me under 200 per year for Fully Comprehensice Insurance cover. They might well be worth getting an on-line quote from!

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    Sureterm Direct

    Specialist 4x4 insurers, they were the cheapest by far with both my landie 90 and my Jimny. Really easy to deal with over the phone.

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    +1 with NFU.
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