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Thread: Hollow Points are good

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    Hollow Points are good

    On the BBC News website.

    Jean Charles De Menezes was shot dead with hollow point rounds
    The Metropolitan Police is to issue all its firearms officers with the type of ammunition used to kill Jean Charles De Menezes.

    Hollow point bullets flatten and widen on impact, causing maximum damage to vital organs.

    The Met says the round is less likely to splinter, harming bystanders.

    Mr De Menezes, a Brazillian falsely identified as a suicide bomber, was shot dead in 2005 with hollow point bullets.

    'Comprehensive testing'

    After it emerged he was killed with the ammunition, cousin Alex Pereira said: "I am shocked and angry. I had no idea.

    "How can the police in the UK use bullets that the Army is not allowed to use?"

    The ammunition was previously chosen to be used on suspected suicide bombers because it has the best chance of killing them before they can set off a device.

    Hollow point bullets are prohibited to the public.

    Former US mayor Rudolph Giuliani faced sharp criticism when he tried to bring in the ammunition in New York in the 1990s.

    All 3,000 Metropolitan Police firearms officers will now be issued with 9mm hollow point rounds.

    Police said the hollow-point bullets had undergone the "most comprehensive" testing process ever undertaken by them.

    Commander Jerry Savill, head of the firearms unit, said the research on ammunition would be made available to all other UK police forces but he said it would be up to them which bullets were used.

    'Mushroom effect'

    David Dyson is a barrister and ballistics consultant.

    Asked whether the rounds were unsurvivable, he said: "Yes. They don't use these bullets in the anticipation that people will survive.

    "They expand, so you get the mushroom effect when the bullet hits the body.

    "Much more energy is being imparted into the victim."

    Mr Dyson added that deer stalkers are compelled to use them because they do not go right through the animal.

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    Partial jacket, soft nose, hollow point bullets have been used in counter terrorism operations for years by many armed organisations. The comment on stalkers use is inaccurate, expanding bullets (as we know) exit the animal at the ranges and velocities we are obliged to shoot at. I very much doubt the 9mm rounds remained in poor JCMs head, he was after all held and then shot at inches distance.
    Public safety in this case is rather ironic....

    What' the point of the post?
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    Point of the post is to make members aware of potential flack that may come their way due to inaccurate reporting and missassociation.


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    Thanks Stn
    Was it Stalkers who shot JCM?!
    That, I did not know..
    "There comes in the dead of night a hand of cold steel that plucks the German sentries from their posts"
    WSC 1942

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    He was most certainly sneaked upon by men carrying guns without them being seen. They used all their skills and closed to a distance where they could take the most ethical shot.....


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    I don't for one minute believe that the men who sneaked up on him were police officers it must be said.

    However, I wonder does this have any potential to get mixed up in the attempts for us to get the crazy restrictions on expanding ammo, even unloaded bullets, removed? You can just see the nut jobs and ignorant journalists announcing, when we want expanding "de-regulated," that people who murder innocent fluffy bunny animals with high powered rifles now want access, without restriction, to the same type of specialist ammo used to kill this poor man and now in use in some elite police units on anti-terror operations. In media terms that would not play out well for us and you can see how the average Guardian reader, already against us in every way, would fail to understand why the stalker needed easy access to special ammo only recently made available to police.

    BASC need their eye on this one for us to ensure they have a plan to manage such a potential outcome.

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    I see a "locked thread" potential threat, nothing else. WTF+2. deerwarden

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