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Thread: Greetings from Colorado Lads!

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    Greetings from Colorado Lads!

    Some givens:

    My name is Will.
    I love to hunt/stalk!
    I love everything "Outdoors".
    I enjoy introducing people to those things "wild".
    I love swapping opportunities. It's a great way to see the world with new friends!
    To be successful you have to want it, and you must be there to earn it!

    As a Colorado native, nights are spent dreaming of far away lands, planning, and arranging/executing this and next year's adventures. I've been known to use a firearm or two, but bowhunting is my preferred method. I'm here to enligthen my United Kingdom brethren in the fine art of bowhunting! It seems, at least from this side of the Alantic, you lads keep shooting yourself in the foot!

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    Hi there.
    Welcome to the forum, Sorry to dissapoint you but it is illegal to Kill game in the UK with a bow.
    Looks like you will have to bring a rifle with you if you decide to come over.

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