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Thread: Meopta Artemis 2000 6 x 42

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    SOLD SOLD SOLD Meopta Artemis 2000 6 x 42

    I now have surplus to requirements my Meopta Artemis 2000 6 x 42 riflescope.

    It has a 8B reticle with bullet drop compensator and is a 1" steel tube

    (Reticle explanation )

    The scope has had a full service back at Meopta in Czech late 2009 and is optically and mechanically spot on.

    This scope has been used in anger in the woods and the hill and cosmetically there are a few scuffs and marks on the outer tube. i have tried to show in the pics.

    The scope owes me 200 plus it has butler creek caps thrown in.

    I will even post it RMSD included to allow a fellow stalker to get a bargain top quality European scope.

    The scope was used for bunnies at dusk latterly on the golf course along side a 223 with german S&B variable and optically its perfomance was a match for a scope costing well into 4 figures.

    No offers thanks, given the price of optics lately i will put in a drawer for a couple of years if no takers and bring it out in 2015 and sell for double.

    Thanks for looking
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    OK so it appears it too expensive, whats it worth??

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    It isn't too expensive, it is the 26mm tube and 8B reticule that puts people off.
    Most people go for 30mm without the gubbins on the reticule these days.
    Meopta is very good glass and well worth the 200 asking price, it is just that it has fallen out of favour.
    If I had been looking for a 'scope to go on any of my rifles, at that price, I would have snatched your hand off.
    Good luck with your sale.

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    The sportsmans site says it a 1" tube so i will check it tonight and amend if incorrect.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    Confirmed it is a 1" tube ands amended
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    Here we go then.

    180 delivered or it goes back in the box, or maybe fleaBAY. must be better than a tasco,hawke or bushnell banner at this money.

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    Friday Bump or it goes on Ebay, couple of S&B Zeniths on here I like the look of.


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    How much collected??


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    any chance of some clearer pics ?

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