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    Service station

    Guys, I'm looking for a rifle service station, which ones have you tried and consider the best. Yes, I know you can make one but as a carpenter I feel life is to short, so which one do you recommend.

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    ........ok, it sits over a service tray with fore-end and butt clamps. You trim in your gun and clean it up. I get the feeling I'm asking somethig weird . Theres many on the market, any preferences ??

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    I saw Csl with one once, it was a handy piece of kit. It kept everything in it's place and easy to get at.
    I told myself I was going to get one but never got round to it.
    I have no idea where he got it or how much it cost but no doubt if you change the title of the thread more people will read it and perhaps he'll be one of them and tell you all about it.
    I only ever go for the 'New Posts' tab so never see what title the threads come under.
    When I first read the thread title I thought, here we go again, thinking it was about carrying firearms in public and stopping at service stations on the motorway to Deerland up north
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    Rifle service station

    Will try, EMcC.

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