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Thread: A few hare!

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    A few hare!


    I think the local hare population has me to thank in part for its success!! I have shot a number of foxes in this area, so I am sure it is no coincidence. I was sat out for a muntjac the other day. Unfortunately nothing showed but whilst I was sat there I had no less than 10 hare sat out in the field at one point!!

    I had my little point and shoot still camera which has an OK video camera, the hare at the front of me were less than 25 yards away. At the end of the summer I may shoot a couple but I do like seeing them around and the landlord is very tolerant of them.

    Just thought it would be good to share this video with you.


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    That's nice to see Ross, do like to see Hares around the place but as you we do take a few later on.


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    hi just joined and want to say hi and gather alot of interesting info which there is so thanks

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    Foxes make a big difference to the hare population, whilst not having an enormous affect on the adult population they can decimate the youngsters.

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    When I'm slowly stalking through woodland they often stalk me, they are inquisitive and its nothing to have 1 or 2 following me within 20 yards, when I stop they stop, when I walk on they hop on. Drives the dog crazy ! Great animals but there are alot of them around these parts.

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