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Thread: Price of ammo

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    Price of ammo

    Since i got my new Sako in 6.5X55 been looking for a good round tried a few and settled on the fedral fusion 140g what i thought was a bit pricey but if it likes the rifle what the hell 34:95 so i phoned around a little now after most coming in around 30 got 1 dealer coming in with 25 why so much difference in prices?


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    mate buy all you can at 25 per 20/box believe me he as either made a mistake or is wanting to close down .


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    This seems to be a nationwide thing with all sizes and types of ammunition mate.
    I too have been experiencing this problem with the different prices RFDs charge for exactly the same ammo.
    One of the biggest differences I find is with 17HMR ammunition - I have found prices as low as 10 per box (Very reasonable) up to over 16.00 per box, and these different prices were all for Hornady Red Tip 17g ammo? How can such price differences be justified?

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    what you are finding are shops that are 100% selling old stock as we cannot buy it for that.

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    I've found that dealers are now charging 'price to replace' rather than 'price paid'. Seems a bit odd to be paying todays price for last years stock but there is nothing that can be done about it. Home loading brings it down a bit but to be truthfull, unless you shoot hundreds of rounds a year and your rifle dosn't like factory rounds there is not much to save.
    Cost of ammo at 1 a pop isn't really that much compared to fuel, 4x4, land rent/farmers whisky, training, insurance etc.
    For sure it cuts down on the inclination to practise but the other way to look at is that it concentrates the mind when the careless shot that spoils the group has cost you a fiver when you chuck the paper away in disgust.

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    Ive just come back from fetching the 100 rounds 6.5X55 fusion from a gun shop in Tumby linc's i ordered them Tuesday and he rung me this morning to say they had arrived from GMK so they are not old stock selling cheep looking at his prices for other cals. You could always give him a ring and see for yourself just how cheep his ammo is:-
    Derek Lee Gunsmiths ask for Paul 01526354505 i was amazed at the prices compared to my local gun shops.


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    My local shop offered me some Winchester rounds for 12 a box (20in box .243) from Easstern Europe. I declined them for Feds. Any one else seen these?

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    reload !!! After 200 rounds you're gear to load is paid for

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    Reloading can be a bit of a problem as well - I have been waiting for .223 Sierra Gamekings for months now and they are still on back order.

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    was thinking of trying reloading but looking at the set up price i would have to fire alot of ammo to get into the place where its cheaper than factory but you might have a theory for that.
    a basic starter kit 150 ish then the dies powder cases primers heads so think about 250 ish to set up how many loads do you get out a tin powder and so on
    1 time load ????
    2 time load ???
    and so on

    would be intresting to know what the cost is at each stage


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