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Thread: 243 sako stuzen

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    243 sako stuzen

    i have seen a 243 sako stuzen in a gun shop ,which is in two pieces where the swivel meets is this normal ? on the fore end of the barrel ,i have no idea as i dont know much about stuzen rifles .

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    Full length stocks are just fashionable if you are a friend of a German aristocrat with a dodgy leg as he started it.
    Standard way of doing the full length stock.
    You should have a barrel band going round the barrel and stock and offering the connecting point for the swivel.
    Stuzen tend to have shorter barrels than std, for pointability.
    Std Sako barrel is 24".

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    yes there is a band but under the band the stock is in two pieces but it looks like it is meant to be that way is that right ?
    thanks for the reply

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    I take it no one knows about the two sectons ! as over 100 people have looked ? i will try sako direct cheers Tom

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    We are all too busy shooting rather than tinkering...

    You won't get any sense out of GMK.

    Maybe my first post was not clear, I guess it depends how you read it.
    Most stutzens had two piece stocks and it is normal.
    More info can be gleaned from:
    Sako Collectors Club Forum

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    Yes mate it's perfectly normal. A mate of mine has a lovely little full stock Sako .308 and it's in 2 bits that join under the barrel band. Nice little rifle and it shoots really well. Ezzy

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    as far as i'm aware the sako stutzen is the only rifle of that type with the twin stock.
    its supposed to be more weather proof and lter zero less.

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    Cheers guys i now know a little bit more about them .

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