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Thread: weekend in dumfries

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    weekend in dumfries

    an exellent weekend stalking with the solway stalker aka colin the weekend was booked some time ago with yozzer smigga and myself i was booked on the boar with colin on friday nite and it was looking very promising weather could not be any better and boar had been feeding all week we arrived at our hotel in plenty of time antisipation was rising met with colin to go through the plans for the night unpacked and got ready all set to go got into the high seat and setteled down for the final part the weeks of preperation all come down to the next few hours all setteled in the wind was in our favour and the light starting to fade antisipation starting to rise and then suddenly thunder lightining in the distance geting closer all of a sudden colin motioned to me and began to scan the surrounding area sounds of boar coming towards us from inside the surrounding forrest hair on the back of my neck stood up and all of a sudden a huge clap of thunder exploded right above our heads followed by a blinding flash of lightining stoping everything in its tracks t he heavens opened up and a huge storm decended on our highseat as if to say stop and go home we rode the storm for a few more hours but the boar did not return back no suprise the storm continued through most of the night the following morning colin took me stalking in some of the most scenic countryside in the borders the first deer we come across is a slightly built doe she seems agitated as if looking for something we skirt around the area as not to alert her to our presence and start to climb there is a light breze and drizzel almost perfect we round the edge of some clearfell timber and come upon my first buck feeding around 300 yards to our left colin checks the ground beetween us and the buck we are about to stalk we start to steadily climb the wind still to our advantage we skirt around some huge tree stumps getting ever closer glassing our quarry from time to time until we are in position unaware of our presence the buck continues to steadily feed and move from time to time he climbs a small hillock aqnd presents a perfect heart shot after a short while we approch his lifeless body and examine him and gralloch him and carry him back to the track and continue onwards and upwards still with the wind to our advantage we decide to enter some open forrest after maybe 5 or 6 hundred yards colin spots some movement in the distance the nothing we wait for what seems like hours but is only minites and he steps out from behind some bracken and into a small clear space just long enough for us to see he is a nice buck and in fine condition we edge closer to a large tree and wait to see how setteled the buck his after 10 or 15 min we start to stalk foward on our hands and knees carefully as to not alert him to our presences hes moving foward althe time showing us his rear end he lifts his head and we see what a nice looking buck he realy is we continue to follow him untill we reach a large fallen tree stump an exellent vantage point my hearts going ten to the dozen waiting to see which way he goes hes still going away from us untill he reches a ditch at which point he jumps the ditch and stands broadside and presents his self as if to say this is my mountain and this is my crown come and take a perfect shot after a very exiting stalk thanks to the solway stalker aka colin thanks for an exellent weekends stalking and we will be back pictures attached
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    another good weekend was had by all cracking pair of bucks was shot and nothing was missed so all round top marks stalking hopefully we can get on the boar next time we go rap

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    Good weekend guys
    Yozzer my taps still leaking
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Think yourself lucky it's not your roof!!!

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    Nice writeup rap, a couple of nice bucks, that summer coat is really starting to show through now.
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    cheers colin i have u a new set of head gear for ya taps will fit them on my return at the end of the month

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    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Hiya mate, hope life is treating you well!

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