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Thread: sako. never again

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    sako. never again

    hi guy's. on the 18th of april i put 800 notes down on a new sako 85 s/s laminated in 270. the gun shop rang to say that sako had put there prices up on the 3rd of may and will not honour the order and now want another 55 quid. i,m going to get the rifle anyway but one thing is for sure my other 2 rifles i,m buying will not be coming from sako. to55ers. rant over. stav

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    It might have been middemen that squeezed up the price and not sako at distribution level?

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    Are you sure the problem is down to the manufacturer not the famously incompetent importer GMK? JC

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    gmk thats what they said. but you know what i mean with my

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    Some dang good rifles out there for 1/2 that price !

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    I thought that might be the answer given that I've never met anyone with a bad thing to say about Sako and I've never met anyone with a good thing to say about GMK! JC

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    +1 with JC275 comments - I have a Sako 75and have never regretted buying it - neither will you when the blood cools.

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    forgot to say that when i ordered it on 18th april they said 48/72 hrs for delivery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Its probably not worth the hassle but, I would have thought that the retailer would be bound by some 'sale of goods' act or something similar, by taking your deposit surely he entered into an agreement with you and, whilst there is probably nothing he could do about the delay, he should have honored the price and took the hit himself. As has been said, you won't regret getting the Sako and will be enjoying the quality long after you have forgotton this drama. JC

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    Try ringing citizens advice and trading standards. I believe by taking your money the gunshop has entered into a contract. Worth asking anyway.

    I hate GMK with a passion, they do not know the meaning of customer service, but i do love Sako 75's.

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