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Thread: Finally opened my account thanks to a cancellation.

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    Finally opened my account thanks to a cancellation.

    Well as the day was cancelled I shot a fox this morning and stalked a 5 pointer only to leave it hopefully for my client tomorrow morning.
    Tonight after doing a dsc2 stalk (on paper from one shot earlier this week) i was ready to get out again.
    I had a deer carcass to deliver to one of my permissions to the farmer for 1 of his friends.
    We had put up a seat there last month so I would go sit in it for a fox or something (I had decided to shoot any buck which appeared tonight or I may never get 1).
    I was up it for about 7.30 and Breeze sat still below me.
    The 6.5 was loaded with the 156gr rn's I use in the summer for close range bucks.
    After about 20 mins there was movement ahead a buck was chasing a yearling doe all over they eventually ran towards me stopping about 80m's away to catch their breath.
    Having already lit the reticule I centred the dot at the back of the bucks neck half way up, and squeezed the trigger.
    He fell instantly.
    He was a beauty.

    The neck wound from the slow RN.

    So at long last I have opened my account, not quite the pricket I was after but very nice.

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    Nice one John!

    Bet it's good to finally get one for yourself after putting so many others onto them!

    Which 156 grainers are you using in your 6.5, I'm using lapua Mega's with great results?

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    Very nice John !

    Just looking at it makes me feel all wobbly !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonher View Post
    Nice one John!

    Bet it's good to finally get one for yourself after putting so many others onto them!

    Which 156 grainers are you using in your 6.5, I'm using lapua Mega's with great results?
    privvi facory.

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    Nice Buck John. I took havent shot a buck yet this season, so I might get one this weekend to open my account. It will only be something small though.See you when you're next down at Pauls.

    All the best


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    Hi andy, me to only wanted a little un but i could never locate a cull when out on my own reconning so i decided whatever showed up last night was mine.
    Don't regret it now had second thoughts last night but i've worked hard for my clients this year and turned down many bucks as to good for me.

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    Nice looking buck John. Nothing wrong in having a nice one for yourself.


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    Hello John Looks like a nice one. I have been following with interest so am pleased you got one. I am in exactly the same situation. Robert put a client onto one yesterday and my client got his arm cought in the sticks and missed a chance! Neither of us have shot one for years But our time is coming

    Kindest regards

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    Hi mark, a guides life is looked at romantically like a gamekeepers.
    We walk the woods all day with a gun in our hands (not).
    The don't see hours spent at odd times and in all weathers doing our best for clients/guns to be scuppered by bad luck etc.
    Very frustrating, but i'd not want to do anything else now.
    kind regards John

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    Nice buck John ,well done ,have seen lots of deer over the last few days up here
    we had another 3 yesterday (2 clients ) and 2 this morning again doing 2 outings
    we had an unusual one yesterday ,Shaun shot a nice 6 pointer that was blind in one eye
    and his antlers were well out of line, i would guess he has had a bump at somtime
    (like the badge )
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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