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Thread: First Phone Call From The Firearms Department.

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    First Phone Call From The Firearms Department.

    Well I had my first phone call from my firearms office today with regard to my application. Some good news some not so good.

    The good news is that they have managed to check most of the land as it is already on the system, the bad news is that up to now its only the land in Scotland that has passed for .243 so none of my local land is any good.

    So what do I shoot the foxes with, I had put down on my form for a .22RF, .17HMR and a .243, does this now mean I am going to have to buy a .22 centrefire for the foxes

    Any advice on what to do next.


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    .243 suitable fox calibre (see firearms handbook). What force is Doncaster? South Yorks? Do they give out open tickets like they do in North Yorks? I can use my firearms wherever I deem safe with lawful authority. So long as you have some cleared land somewhere all is right in the world. Thy just need something to put in their system.

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    Yes mate Doncaster comes under South Yorkshire and no I am not quite as lucky as you it will be on a closed condition. I am going to speak with them tomorrow to see what I can do.

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    Are you a member of a shooting organization? Maybe speak to them first?

    Offer to shoot foxes from high seats with your .243? What is the land like? Should there be some suitable geography?

    The more info you can give, the more workable suggestions to 'glitches' the better your chances of getting what you want.

    Or put in for a bigger calibre deer rifle and get something like a 22-250 for fox and small species of deer?

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    Thanks for the advice Apache. I am in the Countryside Alliance so I suppose they are always there as a back up. The land is quite flat but I have shot there for years so am well aware of the surroundings and when we are out lamping we always shoot from a sunroof of a 4 x 4 so the bullet is always travelling towards the ground.

    I will let you know how I get on tomorrow when I have spoken to them.

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    Don't underestimate the .17HMR
    Using it, I regularly take foxes at around 80 yards
    Chest shot they go straight down

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    Try and get away from phoneing, use email to do your FEO dealings. They will be alot less likely to write BS than speak it. JC

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    Quote Originally Posted by JC275 View Post
    Try and get away from phoneing, use email to do your FEO dealings. They will be alot less likely to write BS than speak it. JC
    you would be surprised!

    I would love for any FEO/FLO to explain the physics behind why a 50-60gn .224 jacketed SP travelling at 3200f/s is safer than an 85gn jacketed SP doing 2900f/s!!

    is the land not cleared for 243 but is cleared for .22CF? if so then that is a start.
    if the land is only cleared for rimfire then find out why.

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    I have just had a look for a email address for South Yorkshire firearms department but cannot find one. Can anyone help ?


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    Her's a list of FEO's and their e-mail addresses....
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