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Thread: Rifle service station/centre.

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    Rifle service station/centre.

    Has anyone got one ?, if anyone has got one which one did one buy and why

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    You mean like this?

    MTM Shooting Range Box | Sportsman Gun Centre

    I bought one because it was cheap and packs away. Has most of my cleaning stuff in there.

    There's a more open version if you have somewhere to keep it out all the time that I nearly bought

    MTM Portable Gunsmith Centre

    And a proper vice if that floats your boat

    MTM Gun Vise | Sportsman Gun Centre

    SGC seemed the cheapest I could find for either of my top 2 links by a long way

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    Thanks Apache.

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    macberran have you used the MTM Portable Gunsmith Centre that is down our range? It was bought for the benefit of all the members but I seem to have been the one to use it most. It's not perfect but I think it's very good.
    At home I have something similar that I made myself using off cuts of plywood and plans from the internet. My homemade affair can hold two rifles at a time and I am very pleased that I made it, total cost about two pounds plus my time which was plentiful when I made it. I apreciate that you haven't got the time to mess about so would suggest that for the money the MTM portable gunsmith centre is quite good.

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    Thanks Mike, I'll have a look when the new Clubhouse is done.

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